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10 Ton Servo Punch Press with Wighty Body

10 Ton Servo Punch Press with Wighty Body

SERVO PRESS 10T Instead of just replacing the flywheel with a servomotor, TMG incorporates standard AC servo motors and various proven torque multiplying design that vary according to the application.
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TMG,​The First Designer of Small Servo Press Series In China.

TMG Servo Press,total control of slide velocity, multiple stroke depth positions and dwell—all without loss of energy and accuracy in microns.

An Intelligent stamping equipment that intergrates the advantages of punches,hydraulic presses,drum machines,hot presses and slot machines.

Used for stamping and stretching of metal materials,as well as for non-metallic die cutting,bulging,punching etc.

Function Features

1 Ideal for progressive, transfer or manual die operations,Save your time and labor

2 Incorporates modern, state of the art A.C. servo technology into mechanical stamping press designs

3 Ability to control slide velocity throughout the stamping work being done-optimal slide motion can be set for any application

4 Maintains constant working energy throughout stroke regardless of slide velocity

5 Provides ability to dwell at position to allow timing of secondary work within the press cycle time

6 Improved part quality 30%

7 Increased die life 50%

8 Ability to program multiple motion paths before returning to top dead center

9 Automatically maintain and adjust slide position to assure consistent die height


1 Elimination of high maintenance mechanical components like the clutch-brake unit
2 Reduces importance of die or part lubrication
3 Reduces die tryout time and expense
4 Saves energy cost by reducing electricity consumption

Standard Parameters

Machine Schematic Diagram